Sports myths that don’t make any sense — Creabealounge

There are so many tips on the internet that have to do with sports, that you sometimes don’t see what’s real and what isn’t. Did you know that there are myths about sports that are completely untrue? We’ll learn about them today! It only works to workout 24/7 Many people say that you’ll only see […]Sports…

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This Might Be One of the Best Months for Sports, Ever — Borden’s Blather

In no particular order: Wimbledon. (tennis) Tour de France. (cycling) The British Open (or more correctly, The Open). (golf) The European Championships. (football/soccer) The NBA Finals. (basketball) The NHL Finals. (ice hockey) The Olympics. (multiple sports) Copa América. (football/soccer) MLB All-Star Game (OK, this might be stretching it a bit…) (baseball) And thanks to my […]This…

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The Cycling Poet — Hobbo’s Poems

William, a poet, was cycling When his chain broke, and forced him to stopSo he popped over ‘road into Wainwright’sWho ran a small bicycle shop.Embarrassed because he’d no money,He said,”Alf, can you fix me chain right,And I promise to pay you back later,Which I’m hoping you’ll say is alrightHe’d […]The cycling poet — Hobbo’s Poems

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